Nvidia Shield Testübersicht

So wertet die Welt über Nvidias Handheld-Spielkonsole

Mit dem Verkaufsstart der Nvidia Shield Spielekonsole sind nun auch die ersten Tests online. Dabei schneidet der mobile Gaming-Handheld ziemlich gut ab. Qualität und Technik scheinen zu halten, was Nvidia versprach. Es gibt jedoch auch Stimmen, die von einem großen Durchbruch weniger überzeugt sind. Wir haben eine Test-Übersicht zu Nvidia Shield.

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Nvidia Shield Testübersicht: Aus den USA kommt erstes Feedback für Nvidia Shield.
Nvidia Shield Testübersicht: Aus den USA kommt erstes Feedback für Nvidia Shield.
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Wir haben die Test-Übersicht zu Nvidia Shield, der Handheld-Spielkonsole des Grafikchip-Herstellers. Verschiedene US-Redaktionen haben das Handheld bereits getestet. Auf der CES 2013 gab Nvidia erstmals seine Pläne für eine mobile Spielekonsole a la Sony PS Vita oder Nintendo 3DS vor. Im Juni diesen Jahres sollte es dann so weit sein und die ersten Konsolen sollten über die Ladentheke gehen. Aufgrund von Problemen mit einem technischen Bauteil wurde der Release-Termin dann doch noch auf den 31. Juli verschoben.

Nun ist die Konsole marktreif und die ersten Nvidia Shield Geräte wanderten für 299 US-Dollar über die Ladentheken. Im Gegensatz zur Konkurrenz baut Nvidia auf eine Android-Basis und versucht damit, ein Tablet mit einer klassischen Spielkonsole zu kreuzen. Dabei soll der User dann auf den umfangreichen App-Store samt Spiele zugreifen können und außerdem Musik hören, Mails abrufen, Facebook nutzen, Filme und sogar PC-Games auf der Konsole streamen können. Wie wir in bisherigen Meldungen zu Nvidia Shield geschrieben haben, soll Nvidia Shield vor allem das Cloud-Gaming via Geforce Grid vorantreiben. Mehr zur Technik von Nvidia Shield erfahren Sie hier.

Wir stellen Ihnen im Folgenden das erste englischsprachige Feedback vor. Sobald deutschsprachige Tests erscheinen, werden wir an dieser Stelle eine Aktualisierung vornehmen.


Link: Nvidia Shield review von cnet.com


"The Shield is a high-quality device with stellar performance, and while most of what it currently offers will first and foremost appeal to hard-core gamers, I'm anxiously awaiting more compatible games to come to the device.

Casual gamers should be satisfied by the cheaper Nexus 7, but the hard-core gamers will appreciate the Shield's superior performance and tactile controls, as long as they're willing to wait for more games that take advantage of them."

The Verge (7.8 von 10 Punkten)

Link: Nvidia Shield review von theverge.com

The Verge (7.8 von 10 Punkten)

"The Nvidia Shield is a fantastic first effort for Nvidia, a seriously impressive piece of hardware, and a chance for Android gaming to be taken seriously if enough gamers buy in. The Shield is riding a wave of interest in controller gaming, and I'm hoping the dearth of good Android controller games will be short-lived. Still, it's chicken and egg: and most game developers won't dedicate time and effort to building for physical controllers when the iPad and iPhone audience is the most lucrative.

The Shield is a capable device for $299, but honestly the $229 Nexus 7 is a better short-term bet. You'll even have $70 left over to buy yourself a PlayStation 3 controller and a pairing app, or to save towards the next Shield, which will come with an even more capable Tegra chip. You might also consider a 32GB iPod touch for the same $299, or an iPad mini for $30 more. They don't have the same graphical potency, but they fit in pockets, come with cameras, and have Apple's incredible app ecosystem waiting for your credit card.

Yet if you have the right graphics card and the right Wi-Fi router - or hundreds of dollars burning a hole in your pants - the Shield's PC streaming is not to be missed. The killer app for Shield is already here. It's called Steam, and when it works, it's glorious."


Link: Nvidia Shield review von forbes.com


"In the end, SHIELD is a device that brazenly embraces a controller-based Android future and effortlessly appeals to PC gaming enthusiasts. It bridges ecosystems and surpasses its competition on a myriad of bullet points. But there's something more tangible, more important than all of that: SHIELD got me excited about gaming again, and it accomplished that across two vastly different platforms."


Link: Nvidia Shield review von engadget.com


"At $300, NVIDIA Shield is a hard sell as a portable game console, but an easy sell in place of a similarly priced tablet. Sure, it doesn't have a camera, but it does offer extremely impressive PC streaming, along with wide viewing angles. The Shield remains a "truly strange device," but it's one that we feel comfortable recommending to hardcore PC gamers and Netflix junkies alike."


Link: Nvidia Shield review von joystiq.com


"Beyond servicing a niche of PC users looking for a specific kind of game streaming, it's hard to imagine who the Shield is supposed to appeal to. That niche will likely find that the Shield delivers on its promise - so long as they've already invested in an Nvidia graphics card and a decent router, anyway. For everyone else, it's an expensive novelty."


Link: Nvidia Shield review von slashgear.com


"This is just the beginning. It's immediately apparent that SHIELD is capable of doing a lot more than we're seeing here at launch, and not just in gaming. With wireless projection and this unit's HDMI out paired with low-latency PC mirroring, wireless controllers turning SHIELD into a console, and untapped potential in abundance inside the processing power of Tegra 4, the possibilities are exciting.NVIDIA has never released a product like SHIELD before. Judging solely by the attention NVIDIA has given SHIELD in the weeks and months between its announcement and its final release, we've no doubt that there'll be not just software support in the way of Android OS updates, but for accessories and uniquely optimized games as well.Deciding to engage with NVIDIA SHIELD will be less like purchasing an everyday smartphone or tablet than it will be like picking up the sole hero device sold by a company that up until now - for several years at least - has been building a software and hardware ecosystem to support it. This is a moment in NVIDIA's history you'll want to be a part of."


Link: Nvidia Shield review von ign.com


"By sheer measure of the hardware alone, the Nvidia Shield is a commendable first effort. It's expertly crafted with high-end components and a comfortable, responsive control scheme - albeit with a bulky, uninspired design. The Shield's biggest challenges, however, are content and cost. There are simply too few compelling gameplay experiences on Android to justify a $300 dedicated handheld, and while the PC streaming feature shows promise, it's in dire need of performance and stability enhancements."

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